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  1. Painter May 08, 2015

    Thank you for the fav :)

  2. agent-Achika Nov 14, 2014

    Gd morning Kurorisa!
    -I appreciate you replyn to my gbp.
    -Are there any specific manga genres
    that U ♥ reading whenever U
    do get a chance to?
    -Do ya watch anime OVA's or films at all?
    -Seen any new live action films lately?
    -Have any favorite foods?
    -I am NOT generalizing
    just asking outta curiosity is all:
    Do U watch Asian cinemas
    or dramas at all?
    -Well ur UP still looks nice regardless.
    I am currently trynna find someone who
    will be willing to change mine & let
    me tell ya its not an easy feat lol.
    -Since ya enjoy puzzle games,
    Have ya played the popular
    Japanese game: (Catherine)?
    -Know of any fun puzzle games
    tht U'd like to recommend?
    Pls reply. Thanx
    Catherine game trailer:

  3. agent-Achika Nov 08, 2014

    Hi Kurorisa!
    -Nice to meet you.
    -U have such a lovely UPS.
    -How are U?
    -Any fun hobbies not listed?
    -Ever traveled outside of Indonesia?
    -Read mangas at all?
    Pls reply. Thanx

  4. Painter Oct 11, 2014

    Thank you for the fav :)

  5. lisz Oct 08, 2014

    Wai, thank you for the fave > w < /

  6. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Oct 06, 2014

    Ahh, another fav! I'm so happy! Thanks! :)

    Tragedy by elisadevelon

  7. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Sep 30, 2014

    Quote by Kurorisa yeah I still suck at painting water but I'll try to make it better next time :D anyway thanks for the compliment!

    about the tag, there's Milla Maxwell and Milla (from a different dimension, no green ahoge on her hair) in Xillia 2. the another Milla doesn't appear in the first game and I'm kind of confuse if I should make a new tag or not so yeah ^^;

    Ooh, OK then :D I thought you used a scan and painted over it.
    If they're different characters you can make a "Milla (Tales of Xillia 2)" tag, yes :)

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